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5 Best Stove Top Griddles for Pancakes: Complete Review

You may find that the aroma of freshly made vanilla pancakes is all you need to get your day going. The last remaining query is: How does one create the ideal pancake? We concluded that recipes might not be the only thing required to make the perfect pancakes after combing through a ton of recipes and various ways. In actuality, the pan you use is as, if not more, significant. There are many different pans you can use to make pancakes, including non-stick and electric options. Why then a pancake griddle? because it works well for huge audiences and is efficient! You can quickly and easily prepare more hassle-free, melt-in-your-mouth pancakes with our selection of the Best Stove Top Griddle for Pancakes review for 2022. Have a look at them here!

Top 5 Best Stove Griddles For Pancakes:

DASH pancake griddle (Best Stove Top Griddle for Pancakes):

DASH Deluxe Everyday Electric Griddle

A flexible electric solution that serves as a breakfast griddle all in one? Please, yes! This 20 x 10.5-inch grill can cook anything, including pancakes, eggs, burgers, and quesadillas. You can accurately cook your food uniformly over the pan by using a thermal probe and a non-stick cooking surface free of PFOA to make the ideal pancakes.

Even better, the cooking plate and the detachable, heat-resistant drip tray are simple to remove and can be quickly cleaned in the dishwasher. What else? The electric griddle is our deserving top selection since it has a 1-year guarantee, a recipe book, and access to a huge recipe library.


  • includes a drip tray
  • Easily manage the temperature with an adjustable dial
  • available in a range of hues


  • small dishwashers won’t accommodate a plate.

Presto Pancake Griddle (Best Stove Top Griddle):

Presto Pancake Griddle

This is the best option if you are looking for the most storage-friendly griddle that can help you make amazingly delicious pancakes in no time. This is a good alternative if you want something small and easy to store. Presto, which was established in 1905, aspires to satisfy customer expectations via continual product innovation and high-quality production, as is seen in this specific pancake griddle. In addition, all of my favourite pan recipes, including—you guessed it—pancakes—can be cooked without sticking thanks to the excellent non-stick surface.

You will be able to organize several gatherings and prepare food concurrently for huge numbers of people because of the space’s size. The heat control provides consistent results by maintaining the temperatures you choose throughout the cooking process. Additionally, when the handles are removed, this pancake griddle can be transformed into a plate that fits most cabinets, making storage a breeze!


  • Easy storage with convenient removable handles
  • premium-quality plate for frying without sticking
  • Proper distribution of heat


  • Food with a textured surface displays patterns.

Bella Pancake griddle- Best for XL option:

Bella Pancake griddle

This extra-large pick features a robust base, a 1500-watt heating system, and cool-to-the-touch handles. For reliable results, the heat control dial is mounted on a detachable probe. The ceramic hot plate also enables 30% quicker cooking than regular hot plates and is eight times more durable.

You may enjoy the pancake-making process because of its eco-friendly, healthy nonstick coating, which provides exceptional safety. The plate is one of the most practical must-have kitchen gadgets since it offers rapid clean-up and simple storage in addition to simple and effective cooking.

The Positive/What We Enjoy
This griddle is incredibly practical and simple to use. It has a huge surface area and can accommodate a family. It has a lovely keep-warm feature. With a detachable drip tray and a separate primary cooking surface, it is extremely simple to clean. It maintains a consistent cooking temperature thanks to its effective heat control.

The Negative/What We Dislike
Due to its dishwasher incompatibility, washing is a bit more difficult.


  • Eco-friendly nonstick coating for secure and simple cooking
  • Additional capacity
  • Standard-sized cabinets


  • Reaches even heat distribution slowly.

Nordic Ware Pancake Griddle (Best Stove Top Griddle for Pancakes)

Nordic Ware Pancake Griddle

This, Nordic Ware Pancake griddle is one of the most lightweight and elegant pancake griddle models available. Here, you will find the best stove-top griddle for pancake reviews which might help you get your best-suited pancake griddle. A traditional pancake griddle is a must-have in any kitchen, and this metal model fits effortlessly over two burners. A back coating makes it simple to switch from burners to camp stoves, barbecues, RV kitchens, and campfires to quickly prepare delectable goodies. Everything you need to cook will fit in this size, including chicken and steaks as well as eggs, pancakes, bacon, and grilled cheese sandwiches!
Without having to worry about sticking or the laborious cleanup process afterwards, the non-stick coating enables you to cook your meal to perfection.


  • Simple and speedy cleanup
  • Easily portable
  • A fantastic non-stick surface


  • Unsuitable for use with intense flames

Granite Stone Pancake Griddle:

Granite Stone Pancake Griddle:

This stunning blue pan is made of three layers of metal, reinforced with diamonds, and is lead, cadmium, PFOS, and PFOA free for safe and healthy cooking. Despite being only 10.5 inches, it is perfect for cooking a variety of foods, including pancakes and bacon, making it a versatile daily alternative that doesn’t call for oil, butter, or grease.
This pancake griddle’s construction also makes it incredibly sturdy, resilient, and able to resist usage with spatulas, metal whisks, and other tools. This pan may be used on any stovetop and includes handles made of high-quality stainless steel for effective pancake flipping. Then what? It is a very low-maintenance choice and is dishwasher friendly, making it simple to clean.


  • Optimum non-stick cooking results
  • Safe for the dishwasher for simple cleanup
  • Compatibility with wooden and plastic utensils


  • Not as roomy as alternative alternatives

The Best Buyer's Guide on Buying a Premium Pancake Griddle

Warm pancakes for brunch are bliss on earth, who can argue with that? They’re a fantastic way to start the day, especially because breakfast is among the most crucial meals. Moreover, pancakes might be a quick solution if you need to feed a large number of stomachs.

Sadly, a tiny or outdated pan may be the cause of someone not getting pancakes on their dish at the same time. But don’t worry, you’ll have everything you need to get the ideal griddle with the help of our simple shopping guide!

Which Griddle Style Suits You Best?

The most important decision you must make is between the two most popular types of flat tops. All griddles have advantages and disadvantages, but the significance of each feature depends on the demands of the user.

Conventional grids

The classic griddle is one of the most traditional and fundamental varieties of griddles. These are quite basic and consist of nothing more than a flat top that may be used for its sizable surface area and put on a heat source. These are also non-stick, user-friendly, and more practical than regular pans.

Electric griddle

An updated version uses electricity. These include a temperature dial that allows you to regulate the temperature and provide even cooking. Plug it in, adjust the dial, and then start cooking! Unfortunately, if you don’t have access to an electrical outlet, it is almost worthless.

Industrial griddle

These flat cooktops are used in commercial kitchens. They have a considerable surface area and are primarily gas-fired.

How Big of a Griddle Do You Need to Make Pancakes?

Most griddle tops have two burners, which is enough to cook 4-6 pancakes at once. Similar to that, some brag of 10 at once. What you require will determine the size. For instance, an average-sized one would be enough if you are cooking for only a few people. A larger one is a better investment, though, if you’re the one who hosts brunches and entertains huge audiences.

Is the Construction Sturdy?

It’s ideal to make sure the material you choose is of the highest calibre, whether it be stainless steel or carbon steel, aluminium, chrome steel, or another variety. This is necessary since the flat top’s fundamental structure has to be sturdy and long-lasting. The flat top may droop in the middle or lose its non-stick coating due to poor construction.

Worth It to Choose a Non-Stick Coated Option?

We can only respond with the word “yes”! Purchasing non-stick cookware might be difficult to use and difficult to clean. This is why purchasing a non-stick pan is crucial. Additionally, for the best cooking experience, always use high-quality non-stick coatings since more coats provide better protection.

Does It Provide Easy Cleanup?

Let’s face it: no matter how efficient the cooking method is, it won’t be worth it if the griddle is difficult to clean after your favourite pancake meal. This is why you should opt for a griddle that is simple to clean and, ideally, dishwasher friendly; this will save you time and make cleanup simple.

Is it simple to keep up?

The griddle’s ease of upkeep is another important aspect. The majority just need to go in the dishwashers after use, but some might need to cool, be thoroughly cleaned, go through a hand wash, and then be dried to avoid rust. When purchasing a griddle for your pancakes, keep in mind that this could eventually seem like a bit of a headache.

Is it cost-effective?

Although the majority of possibilities are reasonably priced and excellent long-term investments, it’s always preferable to stick to a budget. Create a mental spending limit and only consider choices that fall within it, as a result, to avoid going overboard.
You’re not alone if pancakes are among your favourite breakfast dishes; there are a hundred various methods to prepare these delicate, fluffy morning favourites to suit everyone’s palate. A griddle is necessary to prepare them because of its smooth, large surface, which offers an evenly heated cooktop for preparing stacks of hotcakes and holding them warm before serving.

However, griddles aren’t just for making flapjacks. Use them as a flat top à la restaurants to reheat toast, scramble eggs, preheat tortillas, or cook luscious hamburgers without needing to simultaneously remove many frying pans.

See our selection of the top pancake griddles for your kitchen if you feel the need to purchase this multipurpose cooking utensil.


  • How long are griddles good for?

If properly maintained, griddles may survive for many years. Unfortunately, the majority of subpar ones won’t last more than a few months. Everything relies on the quality and brand of the item you buy.

  • What else can I create with a griddle?

In addition to making wonderful pancakes, you may sear meat, vegetables, or eggs on a griddle using a nonstick pan.

  • Are electric griddles superior to those on stoves?

While some may claim that an electric one provides more accurate and reliable temperature control, this argument is pointless if you don’t have access to energy. Because of this, determining which is superior varies from instance to situation.

  • On a griddle, what temperature should you cook pancakes?

On the stovetop, it’s preferable to heat your pan to medium; any higher might cause your pancake to burn. The ideal temperature for electric griddling is 375 degrees.

  • How should pancakes be cooked on a griddle?

As your griddle is hot over medium heat, get your batter ready. Use an ice cream scoop or quarter-cup measure to add your pancake batter after adding a pat of butter or another form of oil. Flip your pancake over to the other side to continue cooking it after some bubbles have formed on the surface.

  • How is a pancake griddle cleaned?

If there aren’t a lot of residues or burned food to be cleaned off, most nonstick pancake griddles can be cleaned by wiping them down with a clean sponge. Nonstick pans can be manually cleaned using a non-abrasive sponge and mild dish soap if you need a more thorough cleaning.

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