Best Griddle for Induction Cooktops

Best 7 Griddle for Induction Cooktops

Induction cooktops offer a variety of advantages, including the fact that they consume less energy than electric coil cooktops and heat and cool more rapidly. However, since heat production on an induction cooktop depends on a magnetic field, the types of cookware used on the stove’s surface are somewhat limited. For example, for a griddle to function with induction heat, the griddle has to be constructed out of a magnetic material. Magnetic materials are essential to make the best griddles for induction cooktops. In addition to griddles made of cast iron, stainless steel, and anodized aluminum, there are also griddles made of aluminum-ceramic that are compatible with induction cooking. The acquisition of a griddle made of magnetic material is not an overly challenging task.

Even though all materials compatible with griddle for induction cooktop are magnetic, there are significant distinctions between them, and each has its own set of benefits and drawbacks. Cast iron griddles, for example, are often the least costly of the three kinds of griddles and are known for producing good results when used by inexperienced chefs. However, if you are cooking food that tends to cling to the pan, the best griddle to choose is one made of ceramic. Meanwhile, more experienced cooks may purchase a griddle constructed of the more durable stainless steel.

In addition to the materials, size is another factor that has to be considered when choosing a griddle for induction stove. For instance, a griddle with two burners will allow you to cook twice as much food at once, which is helpful if you want to make pancakes for the entire family on Sunday morning. If you are looking for the most space-efficient and versatile kitchen appliance, one option to consider is a griddle and grill combination unit.

In light of what has been discussed, the following is an exhaustive analysis of many of the best induction griddle designed for use with induction cooktops currently on the market.

Seven Best Double Burner Griddles

Lodge a 10.5" cast iron griddle

Lodge cast iron griddle

This Lodge 10.5-inch cast iron griddle is the most affordable griddle for induction cooktop for an entry-level griddle. Cast iron is often less costly than stainless steel and safer than nonstick for high-temperature cooking of meat, pancakes, and pizza, but it must be hand-washed to prevent corrosion. Before using cast iron for cooking eggs and other delicate meals like crepes, it should be well-cleaned with a scouring pad. Without artificial coatings, this griddle’s nonstick characteristics result from the pre-seasoned vegetable oil. Remember if you like tossing or spinning your pans since cast iron may be challenging to grip. Another consideration about this griddle is.


  • Wipe-clean
  • great rigging
  • incredible capability


  • Big storage pan

GreenPan Valencia Pro Ceramix Nonstick Hard-Anodized Griddle Pan

Despite the similarity between nonstick griddles and skillets, a square-shaped griddle, such as this 11-inch GreenPan griddle, has a more extensive surface area than a circular skillet of the same size. After cooking, omelets, flaky fish, and cheese dishes will slide effortlessly onto a plate due to the pan’s nonstick ceramic interior, which is embedded with diamonds for durability. Due to its anodized metal base, this best induction griddle is compatible with induction cooktops. This griddle can resist oven and broiler temperatures of up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit, making it perfect for use at high temperatures. This griddle will last as long as feasible if you hand wash it and only use non-metallic utensils. The slick nonstick coating should do the cleaning by hand easier. However, this item is dishwasher-safe for your convenience. This product has no lead, cadmium, perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), or perfluoroalkyl compounds, which is good news for anyone concerned about nonstick coatings (PFAS). If you prefer a grill pan, GreenPan also offers one in this series.


  • Thin
  • An adequately spaced rigging


  • Only up to 160 degrees Fahrenheit in the oven

T304 stainless steel 11-inch square Chef's Secret griddle

Crepe pan by ESLITE LIFE with griddle

Because of its adaptability and five-ply construction, the griddle sold by Chef’s Secret is an excellent buy to make if you want a long-lasting and straightforward device to clean and maintain. Unlike those made of other materials compatible with induction, a griddle for induction stove can cook practically everything to perfection, regardless of the necessary temperature. Because it does not impart a metallic flavor, it is also preferable to alternatives to cast iron for searing meats and cooking acidic vegetables like tomatoes. This is because cast iron may leave a bitter aftertaste. When heated beforehand and given a tiny layer of oil coating, stainless steel automatically acquires a nonstick quality.


  • An effective nonstick surface


  • A rill that is insufficiently deep to drain efficiently.

Nonstick Cuisinart Double Burner Griddle

Non-Stick Double Burner Griddle

Because this Cuisinart nonstick griddle for induction cooktop is 10 inches by 18 inches and can be put over two burners simultaneously, you can cook twice as much food simultaneously. (This is fantastic if you want to cook an entire supper in a single skillet or stacks of pancakes as quickly as possible.) After use, cleaning is a breeze and takes little time because the inside is constructed of stainless steel and can be washed in the dishwasher.


  • A 25-year assurance


  • A limited surface area for charring

Reversible Grill and Griddle Combo from Lodge

Cast Iron Reversible Grill Griddle

Consider purchasing a reversible cast iron griddle and grill like this Lodge model if your kitchen has limited storage space. Because it features a grill on one side and a griddle on the other, it gives you the option of cooking on two burners simultaneously while providing a cooking surface that is either perfectly smooth or textured. It has dimensions of 16.75 inches by 9.5 inches. For the same reason that other griddles made of pre-seasoned cast iron need to be cleaned by hand, so does this particular griddle.


  • An effective nonstick surface


  • It cannot be used with a grill or oven.

Copper nonstick NutriChef griddle

Nutrichef Pre-Seasoned Cast Pan

This 11-inch griddle pan with a PFOA-free nonstick coating is an excellent option for anybody who enjoys cooking delicate items like eggs or fish. It also boasts a three-ply construction, a heat-distribution-friendly aluminum core, and a copper covering that is resistant to wear. Although this pan may be used on induction surfaces, it can only sustain temperatures up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. This griddle for induction stove includes a handy hanging hole, allowing you to hang it on the ergonomic stainless steel handle after use. The griddle is available on its own or with additional equipment.


  • Versatile
  • use for an eternity


  • Expensive

Crepe pan by ESLITE LIFE with griddle

Electric Crepe Pan with Batter Spreader

This magnetic griddle can cook various dishes, but crepes are delicious. It is nonstick and spherical with slightly raised sides, making it simple to distribute the batter evenly. This pan is one of the best griddle pan for induction and is compatible with induction cooktops due to its magnetic metal base and 4.5-millimeter-thick aluminum casting. The pan’s handle is heat-resistant bakelite with a woodgrain pattern, while the griddle has a granite pattern.


  • excellent nonstick
  • Sharp contours and rugged ridges


  • A huge storage container

Why should you use a griddle?

Even though the best induction griddle can heat to an appropriate temperature for flash cooking, the best griddle pan for induction is that it can be used for various foods in addition to steak.

A chargrilled finish with deeper, seared stripes and juicy, speedily cooked meat, fish, or vegetables that have not been exposed to flavor-depleting, extended cooking is made possible by the form of a griddle pan.

This is made feasible by the broad base of a griddle, which efficiently conducts heat while raising the component above the base. This prevents the element from steaming in its liquid and allows it to be used.

Some griddle tops are designed with channels that direct liquids to a tiny pool outside the pan after they have been rendered.


Which griddle should I purchase?

If you cannot find a large enough flat top for induction stove to cook meals for a family of five all at once, bear in mind that the meat will need to rest anyhow, so place it in the oven while you prepare the other dishes. Determine the pan size you need based on the typical number of people you cook for.

Because of this, heavy-duty griddles may have a longer lifetime than thin-base griddles. This is because larger cast-iron pans are often better able to withstand more knocks, bumps, and scrapes than smaller cast-iron pans. On the other hand, one’s ideal weight is primarily a question of personal preference.

What criteria were used to evaluate griddle pans?

Best griddle pan for induction that conducts heat rapidly and effectively. Heat retention is the capacity to retain heat while cooking.

While it is necessary to oil your components regardless of the pan thoroughly, certain griddles offer superior nonstick coatings. In addition to steak, we also sampled halloumi cheese, which has an annoying propensity to adhere to pans like a limpet, making it a valuable indicator of a pan’s nonstick capabilities.

If you want your meal to have the perfect striped look, the ridges should be distinct and easy to see. To make drainage easier, we looked for additional drainage channels, such as moats and sides that sloped downward.

Because not everyone has the wrist strength to wield large griddles, we looked for lightweight pans that performed just as well as their more significant contemporaries in terms of their intended use. A grill’s burner may be turned into an oven, allowing it to be used to cook a variety of foods.

Sometimes, placing a dirty flat top for induction stove in the dishwasher and letting the machine clean is pretty convenient.

Best griddling methods

When it comes to griddling, one of the most important rules is to oil the food rather than the pan. Because of the ridges in the pan, adding oil is not necessary. Any excess oil will drain away.
After it has cooled, use soapy water to wipe the nonstick surfaces of the griddle; you should avoid using particularly abrasive items.
If you grill food in a thick and paste-like marinade, the food may catch fire and stick to the grill. Before eating, be sure to drain any marinades that were created with oil or citrus.
Cast-iron griddle pans must be accurately marked to avoid food clinging to the pans’ surface when they are lifted or flipped. The “char” markings should make removing the food from the pan easy since they form a layer between the meal and the pan. After you have marked your food, rotate it in a crisscross pattern by 90 degrees to produce a diamond pattern, or spin it in a diamond pattern by 50 degrees.
Many griddle pans can be placed in the oven is a significant benefit when preparing dishes like thick pork chops. Before placing the pan in the oven, ensure it is already boiling. This will ensure that the food continues to color while roasting.


Is it okay to use griddle on an induction cooktop?

Unlike those made of other materials compatible with induction, a stainless steel griddle or a flat top for an induction stove can cook practically everything to perfection, regardless of the necessary temperature. Because it does not impart a metallic taste, it is better than cookware made of cast iron for cooking hot meals and acidic vegetables, such as tomatoes, because it does not dry out.

Can I use a griddle made of cast iron on an induction cooktop?

Concerns about using cast iron for induction cooking are pretty widespread. However, there are ways to address these worries. Because magnetic fields are used to heat induction cookware, the metals used to manufacture your pan need to be conductive and ferrous. Therefore, cast iron is an excellent material to use for induction cooking.

Is the induction pan’s size significant?

Because heating will only take place above the cooking circle of the burner, it is essential to match the pan’s size to the burner’s size to get the best results. Magnetic cookware must make complete contact with the glass surface. Specific minimum pan size is required for the induction burner components to become active.

Would cast iron scratch an induction cooking surface?

It’s not uncommon for cookware made of cast iron to have rough bumps or scratches. If they are on the bottom of the pans, they have the potential to quickly harm a glass induction cooktop and interfere with the process of induction.

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